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11-30-2010, 06:33 AM
i'm sure everyone would be hapy if respec were cheaper... or even free!

ALSO... every one would be happy if a ferrarri cost only 5 bucks, and a leer jet cost 50 cent...

but what else would we use honor for?

once you hit LG/VA you accumulate SO MUCH honor...

what else are we suppose to do with it?
hoard it?
take screen shots of it to impress our non-existant fan base?
frame it and show mom?

"look mom!!! i have 2,000,000 honor, and now respec only casts 100 honor... so i am SET FOR LIFE!!!!"

i think the intention was to make respec somewhat expensive in order to force you to explore you're new build for at least a few hours before you respec again.

is that good?
i dont know... i dont like to be forced to do anything in a game.

but it doesn't bother me much.

my main klingon (LG) is out of tokens, but has over a million honor.
my main fed (VA) has 4 tokens left.
my secondary klingon (LG) has 6 tokens left.
my tertiary characters (3) all have their tokens as well (i think up to 5-9 per character now?)

and i am always experimenting with builds.
i just do MOSt of my experimenting on TRIBBLE!
then when i am satisfied with a build i go into the "real" game and respec!

so we make respec free.... YAY!
i am up for it!
but then... what do we do with all the honor and respec tokens?
wont people get ticked off that they had to work so hard and now people who put in NO work will reap all the rewards?

i don;t care to be honest... i don;t even know why i am posting here.
it seems so trivial with foundry, replay, open PvP, OP cruisers, sector space access and the romulans on the table.
but hey... mkaes for a good read i guess?

in the mean while... those who dont have any tokens left, and who are out of honor, should consider TRIBBLE!
go to tribble test shard, mess with your character, make a new build, test it out, then go back to the holodeck and try it out!
you see, there is always a loop hole around everything...
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11-30-2010, 06:38 AM
I only have one char who is down to a single token. Still, the current system is a bit annoying because of the ship related skills. It actively discourages switching between ships.
I would support pro-rating the re-spec cost so that if you only change a few skills, you spend relatively few honor/merit points.
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11-30-2010, 06:42 AM
Most other MMO's respec cost is related to how often you use it.

Usually starting off at a very cheap/affordable price and increases the more you use it. If you don't respec for more than 3 months the cost gets reset. The upper cap should be 30k Merits, not the initial price.

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