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11-30-2010, 10:24 AM
Originally Posted by Sleeves
They will love this option. Some have real hard time getting people to share the simplest of mission. I have seen people asking for people to share missions and no one will share it or they just get ignored. Even among fleet I have seen this.
The accolade hunters haven't been looking too hard, I have a Ferengi character who has pretty much all the missions available for replay and has had for some time now. Posted on the forums (see my signature) and in game but the take up has been very low - I guess the "Accolade Hunters" don't like the thought of having to shell out a few ECs to get their accolades.

Looking forward to the "proper" episode replay though but it really does need to scale at least to the same extent that missions scale when enabling squad support.
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11-30-2010, 01:46 PM
I'm an accolade hunter and don't have to shell out ECs. :p

Just a matter of patience in stalling leveling to work up those kill accolades by not finishing the mission. But for my first characters, I have to redo them since they came in old school (before accolades were implemented).

Originally Posted by D-Rek View Post
over on SUPER easy to kill X amount of Gorn or Fk'lhr in order to obtain those hard to get achievments!!!
(honestly... how are you suppose to kill 1000 gorn foot soldiers?)
The best way is doing Kessae Mission's 4th part (the Swamp) and redo that multiple times. There are like 80 Gorn in that swamp.

Originally Posted by D-Rek View Post
i just hope there is consideration for the rest of us who WANT replay and also want NOT to be BORED to death while replaying them.
To me, playing with a level advantage improves the fun factor, while playing at same level seems to drag on. Sometimes doing Ground Exploration combat missions makes me want to fall asleep because of it.

Originally Posted by D-Rek View Post
In the end i think the only REAL solution is to have optional scaling, as well as retaining the difficulty level choices.

its the only option that makes any sense!

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