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# 1 What I want for Christmas
11-30-2010, 11:50 PM
STO-wise, here's what I'm hoping the fat guy in the red suit (no, not Shatner) will do for me real soon....

I desperatly need a tactical officer on my bridge during ship to ship battles. I have two engineers. When I'm on the bridge, there is a tac officer, but she's just an animation, not even a NPC. Actually, I have three engineers now--I bought a Borg Officer about an hour ago, and to my horror found she can only be an engineer. Dang!
Long story short, I need the old man up north, the sadist who makes eight reindeer haul his Jabba-sized butt around the planet, I need him to fix up the game so it's not so hard to get the bridge officers we need. Also, it would be way cool if our NPCs could have slots for costume changes as we do (I have TOS duds to go with my TOS ship, and Trek Movie (real Trek, not last year's Diet Trek) jackets to go with my Reliant-styled ship. But my hapless NPCs have only TOS shirts. No jackets unless I want to spend time switching out their outfits like a ten year old girl playing with Barbies. Which isn't quite what I had in mind when I bought this game and signed away 14 bucks a month until I die (or Cryptic loses the Trek license to Disney or something).
Ok, that, a winning lottery ticket, and the devotion of the Indianapolis Colts Cheerleaders, but that's outside my Trek needs,,,,,

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