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Ground Combat

Watching a (insert enemy name here) take upwards of 50 point blank weapon shots and still run around returning fire is laughable and embarrasing tbh. I have purple awayteam officers consisting of 2 tac, 1 eng and 1 science, they have weel thought out abilities which ensure that they deal plenty of damage while also maintaining health and shields. Despite all this I still come across mobs that refuse to die quickly, yet in ST one or two phaser blasts is usually enough to down an opponent. It's not WOW where you have these huge boses that you could easily forgive for taking 50+ shots to kill, these are just regular klingon, Borg etc.

My suggestion

Have your regular enemy mobs go down much faster, say 5 shots max but also make this the same for our awayteam, force us to use tactics instead of rushing in knowing you can take a million hits before you need to start worrying. I never die, I am captain scarlet, I don't give a crap about how many mobs I face or what race they are as I know they simply can not kill me or my team. Ground combat for me is literally a chore, I loathe it, it has no realism or immersion, it needs fixing and I hear it is on the cards to fix, I hope you read this and consider my options.

Ship Interiors

I am not one for running around my ship pretending I am Kirk or whoever it may be. The ship interiors may as well not be there for me as they server no purpose what so ever. Yes I would have been one of them guys that would happily played an engineer on a huge guild ship, working on my consoles, keeping shields up, watching the power settings, adjusting them, fixing broken components after a battle and taking part in the odd away team,....but STO never turned out like that so we have to look at what we have and make the most of it.

My Suggestion

Add another two decks, more rooms and a lot more crew. Create some missions where you can actually be boarded during a space fight. The action could cut away to your bridge where you lead a security team to clear your ship, maybe Borg are taking over engineering and the longer they are there the more damage your ship takes. While you are in ship interior mode you could have the ship shaking and random system blow outs to add atmosphere, how hard would it be to do this?

One last thing, why do I beam to my bridge? Thats never happens in Star trek unless it's an emergency site to site transport, it really is sloppy and needs fixing.

While I am on a rant, bring back the Borg communications audio, it's so atmospheric being hailed by the bog and told you will be assimilated :p

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