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After I logged off at 3AM this morning, I found myself thinking of a few more things I'd like to see on STO. Here they are, for what they're worth...

1) Legendary Officers: When we go shopping for bridge officers, it would be epic cool if the choices included Legendary Officers. These would be officers who had the skills and abilities on par with the crews of the various Trek series. An example would be a science officer who had the abilities of Spock; another would have the abilities of Jadzia Dax. They wouldn't have to be a Vulcan male or female Trill either, though they could be. We should be told up front on who they were based. These characters would cost considerably more, as well. Which leads me to my second suggestion...

2)More Player Option on Bridge Officers: Instead of having us choose from pregenerated characters, with us only being able to change the name, let us choose their race, gender and bridge position as well. In fact, let us have pretty much the same control over making the NPC as we have over our own characters. They're still AI characters, but now we will have customized them. Also, allow them the same number of slots as we have for costume changes. These could be seperate, or not, from Legendary Officers. In either case, LOs should cost considerably more than non-LOs.

3) Hailing Frequencies: Allow us to hail other ships as is done on Trek. Let us hail NPC Captains for helpful hints on the mission (unless they're the enemy) and other PC ships.

4) Classic/Movie bridges: The bridge from the original series should be available (heck, i'd say standard) for the classic TOS Enterprise styled ship. Also, for the movie-era Enterprise (the real one, not last year's Diet Trek model), which I just found out last night is availble at the rank of LTCmdr, it would be nice to have the option of the various bridges seen there.

Just my unasked for two cents. Your milage may vary.

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