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Meaning this:

You have zones in space that borders the war zone, the systems on the border should be open PvP zones. These zones should be control points, if your side control these systems, then your faction gets bonus. So why don't we have something like this again?

The way PvP is now, that isn't a real point to it. You run around, shot the other guy and get a few points. Sure you get rewards, but once you max your rewards then what?

If you have the control point setup, you can give each side a purpose to open PvP. Oh did I say open PvP? Well sure why not. Let it be like fleet actions, and anyone can enter it. This wait in line until you get enough people to play is getting old fast to me. Might be why I am not wasting time with PvP now.

I hate using a different game to make a point, but here goes. WoW, yes Wow has a few areas in there game, were you can control towns by the factions. If one faction controls it, they get guards, to help protect it. Then the faction can use the vendors in this town.

Now back to STO.

If you do something like this, have it where you have to control a starbase, and to do it you have to bard it. So this is how I see it happening.

1. Space combat - If you played the Starbases 24 fleet action, this part should mirror that one, but 10 times wrost. ( More things to get past Defence grid being one of them. )

2. Boarding party - You have to knock down the defence grid a bit, including shields, then you cna board the base.

3. Control of key areas - Comand center, power center, security etc etc. Once you have all areas under control. The base is yours.

All faction members not on your side would flee the base, and your factions NPCs would beam in. A countdown timer will start, and once it hits zero a new attack can begin. Hey i know I said timer, but at least you will have a set time to know when you can attack the base again. Plus this would be one of many bases you can try to control for your side.

What is the reward? Maybe you have items on vendors here you can't get anywhere else. No even as a reward that you gain now. Making is special and worth fighting for, and everyone will come.

No sure about anyone else, but IMO this would help PvP a lot. Give us something to fight for, making it hurt if we lose it, and people will come to help defend it.
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12-02-2010, 02:13 AM
Somewhat similar to DoaC's Realm vs Realm, where you need to do various tasks to get control of the Fortress. The more involved with various tasks the better it ends up.

Though one thing needs to be mentioned, that there is a type of respawn timer implemented, as not to prevent Zerging back into the battle. That way players have to use wits than actual brute force.
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12-02-2010, 11:45 AM
I am for almost anything that has a point to the battle. Just sitting around waiting to enter PvP isn't working for me. Maybe tie the PvP into a series of battles, that will effect the over all war. Have it open to all levels, and maybe you will have epic battles like from the TV show. Really they want to fix PvP> then change how we do PvP in STO.

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