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Tribble - Foundry Bug List - December 2nd Build

The following bug reports are carried over from Closed Beta and apply only to maps utilizing the latest build (Dec. 2's Tribble release of the Foundry)
  • Please report any new bugs as replies
  • Also, posting replication steps for these bugs is greatly appreciated!
(==| Click here to read the ST.10.20101129a.1 Patch Notes |=)

note: patch notes were published on Nov. 30 - the night before the build was pushed. They are the same Version ST.10.20101129a.1

Bug List:
  • Missing Space Costumes 1
  • Misnamed Objects Banner Cardassian 02 & 03 1
  • Scale is off on Starfleet Shuttle Type 08 1
  • Preview display problem with Weather Rain 01 1
  • Missing map Alien Hills 02? 1
  • Coral Clearing 01 bugged, but can't replicate it reliably 1
  • Old bug: Gateway Ground missing an object. 1
  • Allegiance Issues: Warrigul/saur/sehlat 1
  • internal server error attempting to play map (when previewing): workaround, create new ugc character
  • list of available maps and assets show up empty: workaround, exit client and restart.
  • Away Team picker missing in published mission 1

Known Issues:
  • Warning players off the following maps via known issues:
    • Starbase 24, Kassae Ground have no minimap
    • Coral Clearing & Alien Mountains 01 may disconnect the player.

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