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# 1 How do i?
12-02-2010, 02:41 PM
I want to make a basic mission.

I have a space map and i want the user to scan select areas and when they get in the area i want them to initiate a sensor scan (like u do with anomolies) i want the game to pick up that i have scanned that first section and to say head to sector 2, then 3.

When at section 3 of scanning the area (its a protostar im getting the player to do sensor scans of) i then want to spawn in a ship (not there when map loads i want a triggered spawn after an event) after i have scanned area 3.

I then want the player to approach the ship and hail the ship, no responce... so i now want the player to scan for lifesigns and if its safe to beam over. I want it to be safe so i say its ok to beam over a boarding party.

I then want to transition to on board the strange damaged ship (we need some cool alien non known race designs please cryptic) so how do i beam over.

Once there i want to find out what happened. So hopefully their is a nice interior of a ship i can use with consoles so i can get my player to access some logs. And find survivers and heal them and they stand recovered.

I want to then find the bridge and talk to the captain and find out whats going on. Then i want to assist in some repairs to engines and life support. So how would i do this.

After all that i go back to the captain talk a bit he says thanks and why they are there and blah blah then say bye and beam to players ship. I get the science officer message the player saying we have done this and that and its time to go.

The player leaves and i want to hail so so to say missions done gimme my reward so to speak.

So basically advice on all parts.

So far i have got a space map but im having trouble atm with start to get the player to be told where to go, and im having trouble making foundry to get the player to so so place lets say wolf 359. As at the mo i can only get the player to exit sol and be in sirius sector block where the guy messages them and then it transports me to the map i made instead of what i want which is for to be in sirius sector block then tell the player to go to wolf359 once there then to switch to my map i made. So thats first thing id like help with.

Then after i get that sorted i then need help getting the whole 3 sensor areas to work as in go there, flick on scan and it does the scan then i want a message to appear saying blah blah go to next sensor scan area 2 then 3 etc.

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