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I should preface this by saying I doubt seriously this suggestion would appear in the first iteration of the Foundry. Or the fifth, very possibly. Still, I think it would be an excellent addition and I therefore am going to suggest it.

In the Foundry, we have the ability to have the seniormost ground bridge officer in each division speak -- and the same for the seniormost space bridge officer. This is very cool. However, there is a monumental amount of diversity between characters. As a result, a male Klingon engineer has to say the same dialogue as a female Vulcan engineer -- and that means the dialogue has to be as neutral as possible.

Which makes it really hard to make dialogue that feels real.

Tailoring dialogue by race or sex seems impractical on Cryptic's part or on our part as Foundevelopers. There's just too many options and variables. However, there is a variable set for every bridge officer which incorporates personality: stance.

I would like to see a system that would let us add different dialogue dependent on what stance a given bridge officer has assigned to them. So, a character with a default stance would just say the default dialogue -- as would any character with a stance that hasn't had alternate dialogue written for it. But we could write something with more edge for a bridge officer with brawler to say, something without contractions and larger words for 'Thoughtful,' something a little more femme fatale for seductive and the like.

No one would be forced to put in the extra work, but for people who wanted that extra level of texture in their UGO, it would be extremely cool.

Thank you, and please enjoy the cheese plate.

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