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# 1 Season 3 Borg Equipment
12-03-2010, 10:57 PM
The Stats are in for the new Borg Drops.

Originally Posted by starkaos View Post
Infected - Assimilated Subtranswarp Engines
  • +5 Engine Power
  • +14 Flight Speed
  • +19 Flight Turn Rate
  • +101 Flight Speed
  • Able to use Assimilated Transwarp Coil to fly at Warp 18

Cure - Assimilated Graviton Deflector Array
  • +5 Aux power
  • +25 Deflectors
  • +10 Starship Emitter
  • +25 Deflector Dish
  • +10 Tractor Beam
  • +10 Spatial Anomaly

Assimilation - Console - Universal - Assimilated Module
  • +0.8% Critical Chance
  • +8% Critical Severity
  • +5 Weapon Power Setting
  • +14 Hull Repair
  • +14 Sensor Probes

This console uses salvaged Borg Technology coupled with modifications originally designed aboard the U.S.S. Voyager that use Borg algorithms adapted by Seven of Nine for greater efficiency. It can be installed in any type of console slot. In addition to an overall Weapon power increase, it also adds bonus critical stats. Equipping multiple Borg modifications apply extra improvements as the systems work in tandem.

Khitomer Accord - Assimilated Regenerative Shield Array
  • +5 Shield Power Setting
  • 5,250 Maximum Shield Capacity (10% Bleedthrough)
  • 219 Shield Regeneration every 6 seconds
  • Reduces Plasma Damage to Shields by 30%

Shield Capacity and Regeneration on a T5 cruiser with no skill points in Cruiser skills.

Set 2: Autonomous Regeneration Sequencer
  • 25% Chance, When Receiving All Damage, 2% chance of applying Autonomous Regeneration Sequencer
  • +75% Hit Points over 15 sec
  • Reduces Damage to Hull by x% for 15 sec

Set 3: Multi-Regenerative Shield Array
  • 25% chance: When receiving All Damage, 5% chance of applying Multi-Regenerative Shield Array
  • 1500 Shield Regeneration applied once to each facing
  • 5280 Shield Regeneration over 15 sec to each facing
  • Reduces Damage to Shields by 15% for 15 sec

Set 4: Assimilated Tractor Beam
  • Toggle (10 max)
  • Targets Foe
  • 5 km range
  • 0.83 sec activate
  • 4 min recharge
  • to target:21 kinetic damage (2.1 DPS)
  • Reduces turn rate and flight speed for 10 sec
  • to target: -9 All Power Settings
  • Disables Cloak
  • to self: After 3 sec, +9 all Power Settings
Originally Posted by Chaddington
Well looks like we have a few people looking at the Assimilated Set =).... So it's in for testing and made it in for Season 3. Over the next few days/weeks it will be tuned and balanced more if needed.

These sets are not meant to be an end game, best in slot, OMG must have item to beat everything in the game.

This set and future sets will be more themed based.

The Assimilated Set bonus include 3 separate bonuses.

2pc Bonus: Autonomous Regeneration Sequencer -

-On being hit - Chance to proc Hull repair over time.

3pc Bonus: Multi-Regenerative Shield Array -

-On being hit - Chance to proc Shield Heal and Heal over time (while this is active shields take less damage.)

4pc Bonus: Assimilated Tractor Beam -

-Tractor beam with a little extra bonus.
- Minor energy siphon from all power settings.

Personally, I'm thinking everyone having Tractor Beams is going to cause problems in PvP for Escorts and BoPs.

So what do you think? Possible Imbalance or you give it your blessing?

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