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Well, I'm loving this so far, but I'm having trouble figuring out how to do a couple things. I'm basically just setting up a tutorial mission for myself to figure out everything, but a couple things don't seem to quite be working right.

First off, the first part of the mission has you coming to assist another Starfleet ship that's come under attack, except the friendly Fed ship and the enemy NPCs just sit there and ignore each other until I fly into range, at which point the enemies attack me, of course. How do I get them to be hostile to each other?

Second, said enemy NPC ships don't appear until I fly literally right next to the other Fed ship, whereas I'd like them to already be floating around. They also just appear, rather than warp in (even though I specified a warp-in sequence under both idle and chat animations).

Third, after you beat the enemy NPC ships, the other Fed ship hails you and reports they have boarders, so you have to go over and assist. This takes you to a Starfleet interior map. I've noticed outside the windows there's just giant smudges of clouds, no matter what I set the backdrop for on the map's settings. Am I doing something wrong there?

Fourth, when creating custom NPC costumes, I noticed not all the full options present in the main game for customization (painting schemes for ships, body sliders for ground NPCs) are present. I'm hoping that's just because they haven't been implemented yet.

Any input/advice folks have would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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