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While waiting for the Foundry issues to be resolved so I can keep putting crates into corridors (it's like the Sims, but with phasers!), I'd like to propose a specific system for implementing something that's had a lot of requests: nonlethal combat.

It would greatly expand the range of our missions if we could have a switch on Mobs that we can toggle on and off. On the ground, that switch would be the difference between Kill (everything as it is now), and Heavy Stun (no disintegration f/x on exploits, downed targets don't disappear -- the same as we saw at the end of the Devedian series). So, if you've set an encounter to be 'Heavy Stun,' combat goes normally but no one gets melted and bodies don't fade away with time. Like I said, the technology was built for the Devedians already.

The Space switch would be a little more complicated. As with above, it would be the difference between destroying the enemy ship, and disabling it. Disabling in this sense would include the following:

1. The ship's movement is reduced to zero.
2. The ship reflects the "75% damaged" stage if available.
3. The ship produces the 'disabled' animation.

In both Heavy Stun and Disabling combat, there would likely be no loot drops. That would be the price of doing business.

Thanks as always!

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