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# 1 How to "Finish" a mission??
12-04-2010, 10:22 PM

Okay, I will admit that I am not as bright as some here, so.. be gentle if this is something completely obvious that I've missed.

First, I have watched the video tutorial that both Kirkfat and D_Kitlor have posted. I actually went and created the mission Kirkfat showed in the video. The problem I am having is .. once you 'scan the tree' in KF's mission, there is no way to beam off the planet.

I thought I had a bit of understanding in what I needed to do, so I went ahead and created a mission. I go from ESD and a contact there, through to Iota Pavonis.. I have three transitions after that. System Space to Ground Map, and then back to System space with no difficulties. But after defeating the last mob, and talking to the contact in the system, I cannot warp out to sector space.

On the story tree, after the last dialog box with the in-system contact there is a small window that states "Leaving System" then a divider line and the text "Entering Earth Spacedock" and then it advances to the last dialog box with my contact on ESD.. but when testing, I can get all the way through everything up to the point where I have to leave my map to return to ESD to turn in the mission.

So, has anyone else had that problem? How do you "beam out?"


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