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# 1 A request to mission builders
12-05-2010, 11:56 AM
I have to say that Cryptic has been doing a really great job of churning out really good, interesting content via the weekly series'.

That said, when it comes to the ground portion of this game, it just amounts to turd polish. Sure, it's shiny, sure there's some really clean bits. But under it all is an engine that is complete crap. There's no kind way of saying it; I loathe the prompt to beam down. It makes me want to log off. The only reason I suffer through it is to get the mission rewards.

And now, having said that, comes the request:

To you wonderful individuals who will be devoting time to building new content for your fellow players to enjoy I humbly ask that you make some fantastic SPACE ONLY missions. To be clear, I'm not asking for space combat missions. I mean space only.

Have me chase a Maquis raider through the badlands. Curse my vessel with nanites and have me fly dangerously close to some radiation source to kill them like a cancer. Force me to take a Boff with Mask Energy Signature and then run reconnaissance through a sector, scanning and "marking" targets for the follow up invasion mission. And yes, on occassion, if you like, have me obliterate wave after wave of suicidal vessels oblivious to the hopeless nature of their attack.

But for the love of God (or whatever deity, higher power, positive energy, or feel-good mumbo-jumbo you believe in) do not prompt me to leave my ship.

Thank you.

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