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# 1 Foundry Christmas Wish List
12-05-2010, 09:48 PM
Things I would LOVE to see under the STO tree :p

1. Be able to direct a player BACK to sector space to fly to a custom space map attached to a different
door than the first one I used.

2. Designate SOL system and the Klingon Capital system as available doors.

3. Allow us to delete actors from FRIENDLY NPC Groups.

4. Include the Captain (player) in the available list of pop up conversation..put it in with
the Bo's ............getting tired of just the officers relaying the story with the captain just
getting one-liners.

5. Fix the NPC actor placement code...up and down on the foundry map is backward...I put the
actor next to the north wall, when played they end up next to the south wall. Right/left seems to work.

6. 3D placement maps in the foundry...

7. Klingon turbo lifts

8. Various piles of wrecked spaceship to place on interior ship maps when we want the place
really torn up.

9. Add the following emotes for contacts ... surprise, unsure, mirth (silly)

10. Allow the writer to substitute a comment bubble over the head of the person speaking,
instead of that big pop up box all the time. If the person speaking is not within 15 meters of
the player, it defaults back to the box.

Tis the season to be jolly................MEOW :p

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