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I was thinking this morning that before the Foundry goes live(which is still a ways off admittedly), the community should try to come up with a fairly generic list of standards that we can all(or most of us) agree to use in reviewing and rating missions. The purpose of this thread is to suggest any "standards" you can think of and explain what you mean. Here are 3 that I have come up with:

1) Quality = basically this means how well the mission is made. Did the author fill in all the text boxes or leave some of it blank? Did he create waypoints to objectives or just leave you to have to wander around the map looking(without some kind of storyline explanation)?

It should be noted, however, that bugs in the game itself do not reflect upon the mission creator. NPCs shooting through walls and BOs not following like their supposed to isnt the author's fault, its Cryptic's.

2) "Star Trek feel" = essentially, does the mission "feel" like a Star Trek story? Does the mission contradict established principals in the shows without some sort of explanation? Is it slapstick comedy or a fairly serious story(some comedy is fine) like the episodes of ST? Do the characters use "real life" language that was never spoken in the shows or even reference non-ST topics?

3) Story = Separate from whether or not it "feels" like ST, does the story itself actually make sense? Is it extremely shallow(go here and kill this) or is it deep and elaborate?

Those are jut some suggestions that I thought of. What are yous?

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