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12-08-2010, 03:03 AM
Originally Posted by Thorgald View Post
very clever indeed. your actually fooling ppl into PAYING to make content for you..

very cost effective i must say.

in all fairness, authors of popular and well made missions should get paid for their work, not having to pay to do it.

and no, free game time is not "getting paid".
no, i disagree completely. im not being fooled into anything. i make missions because i enjoy it and because i want other people to enjoy it. my value for money is increasing with the foundry. i have the luxury of making what i want, when i want to what ever level of quality i want. i am accountable to no one.

if i want to get paid id apply for a job with them.

why would i want cryptic to hand our sub money over to other people. that gives them less money to make proper professionally created missions and features. If my missions help people to stay with sto or join sto because they like them, then that gives cryptic more money to make the game even better and i benefit from that. my time is being reward with a better more popular game. i dont benefit anywhere near as much because they send me a cheque for a few pounds each month.

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