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Well I was unable to sleep so I decided to post something

As far as I know the new ranks of admiral and fleet admiral are coming out next year.
I am sure T6 ships will be coming out around that time too.

I was hoping that they make the T6 ships truly original and not another retrofit of a 24 century ship

In my opinion the Tactical ships should have like four cannons coming out the front.
The Cruiser ship should be as big as a space station and be a carrier.
And the science one hmmm not sure there... maybe something like a Warship Voyager.

Anyways I think at this time it will also be a good idea to add something unique for Lifetime Members. Maybe an Ambassador T6 ship with some multi functionality (like neutral BOs) that is only exclusive to Lifetime Members.
And if you really want to be nice, make it a liberated Borg Cube (and of course it has to be the most powerful player own ship!!!)

Ohhh yeah... That and a dollar match for my Canadian Loonie will sure make me into a Lifetime Members (even if the game goes Free to Play)

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