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# 1 FvK Tips for the Feds
12-09-2010, 08:56 AM
Well this will be a more serious thread to address claims of Klink OP'dness and I hope to provide some insight to Fed players on how Klinks are just like Feds in PvP, just waiting to get blown up!

Very Important and Very basic things I didn't think I needed to include but alas this is the internet:
Team up! Don't ignore team invites! If you do, it's not that Klinks are OP, you're just unbelievably bad at PvP
Stay within 10k of your team. You won't get heals if you're out of range!
PvP Klinks are nothing like PvE Klinks, they ain't sissy push overs.
If you get your ass handed to you and they give you advice, take it! Don't throw a temper tantrum like a 4 year old.

Important things you will want:

A Science Captain and a science ships (At least one, more can be better)
An Escort or Cruiser that can RawrSpike (or Eurospike as I believe Faithborn refers to it)
A healer (A cruiser that can keep everyone alive with lower DPS is much more useful than a cruiser that can Pew Pew but goes down like a sack of rotten potatoes)

The rest of your team is whatever you feel like doing.

Well actually, you can run whatever you want, but it's easier if you have the above.

So some basic Tips:

1) Pick the battlefield: The Klinks get to chose time of engagement since they got cloak (except carriers). So, if you don't have a science captain for detecting cloaked ships (and even if you do), the best thing to do is to minimize exposure and pick your battlefield. You know that Cracked planet you love fighting above? If you fight inside it, near the edges, you can make it very hard for klinks to wipe you with an alpha strike coming out of cloak. Those little rocks break line of sight (LOS). Even better is if you can pop evasive and get behind one of the larger fragments, breaking LOS and giving you the few seconds you need to organize a counter attack and for their cloak damage buff to expire.

2) Bait: Klinks like to use bait. They'll send in 1 ship uncloaked to distract you while they set up, if some of the team runs after the bait at full impulse, even better, easy pickings (yum). So when you see that bait ship 1 of two things is happening. One, the rest of the klinks are setting up behind or around you, or two, bait is leading you into an ambush. Either way, don't follow, hold your position. This leads nicely into the next tip

3) Sensor Scan: Now this takes practice and going by "feel" and intuition. You can't pop your sensor scan all willy nilly and expect to catch a klink (well if they're a really bad pug than yes you can). See that carrier out at 15 clicks pooping out all of its pets? Get ready, klinks are coming. Pop the sensor scan immediately? No, wait maybe 5 - 10 secs, and don't sit still, you've got 15 secs in which you can detect pretty much any cloaked ships within 10k. Move around the perimeter of your group to try and catch any kilnks unaware. Another little trick. When you target someone, you can see who they are targeting, whether its friend or foe. It also tells you the distance of the target's target from you. See that bait flying by? Target him and see if he's targeting anyone within 10k. Yum, time to fire off sensor scan, easy pickings.

4) Catching cloaked ships: So you've detected a cloaked ship, what do you do? Mash your spacebar and hope for the best? No! Unload a volley or torpedoes into him! Likely, said klink is sitting stationary getting set up, so ripe target for a tricobalt torpedo. The key at this stage is to prematurely decloak as many kilnks as possible (premature decloaking, contrary to what many say, it is a common and devastating problem for KDF officers and defiant captains). So fire off your torpedoes at one guy, snag another with a tractor beam, fire off another set of torps and use whatever you can to surprise the klinks. Charged Particle burst (CPB) is nice for decloaking everything around you within 5 KM. It will also strip most of the shields off of a BoP. Gravity well and I think Tyken's rift will decloak ships as well.

5) Picking a target: Now you've got decloaked Klinks who may or may not be buffed and ready to rip you a new exhaust port. Who do you attack? The big tanky carrier or cruiser? No! That surprised BoP or Raptor is a ripe target!

6) Getting the kill: So now you've picked your relatively squishier target (BoP or Raptor), how do you close the deal? Well, you've got no more than 20 secs before that BoP can battlecloak, make the best of it. Raptors have to break off combat before they can cloak. B'rels may only have a short window to be taken out depending on whether they were forcibly decloaked or they decided to fire off some torpedoes. Tractor Beams are great against BoPs and Raptors. Beam Target Subsystem (BTSS): Engines works great too! You want to park them so they can't run. Keep a photonic shockwave (PSW) on hand if they pop an engine battery and evasive. Basically from here on out, you gotta spike them before they pop their heals. A well set up BoP can be hard to take down if you give them time to get defenses up, but if you spike them hard and fast, they won't get a chance to use them .

Special Tip for Defiant Pilots: You can cloak, don't hop right in and unload into the first thing you see. Wait for that BoP or Raptor to pop our of cloak. Chances are they'll tunnel vision on their target they're trying to spike, and they're an easy target for you. Ambush the ambusher.

For Healers: Read Faithborn's Healing guide. You don't need his build, but you will want to learn to anticipate spikes and time your heals.

Feel free to add any tips of your own.

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