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So I've been playing STO off and on since it first came out, (casual barely describes the playtime I can put in) and I've made it to Rear Admiral finally, new ship, more weapons, more officers yay! But even after reaching this new threshhold, I still feel like I'm not playing the game or using it's features to the extent that I want to.
Crafting doesn't seem worthwhile since lvling seems to get gear that is just as good or better, I rarely find anyone interested in grouping to finish quests or for fleet actions, and I don't have a good idea of how episodes play out or really work. All I seem to be doing is solo lvling, and doing the same kind of quest over and over. I love the ship combat and the ground is ok and I enjoy the game but I'm worried i'm on the fast track to boredom.

What am I missing? What can I participate in that really makes the game stand out that other people are doing in groups or fleets?


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