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# 1 Questions about the Varanus...
12-09-2010, 03:45 AM
Just a few quick questions regarding the Varanus...

Are any KDF Science Officers currently using the Varanus KDF Sci ship?

If so, is it worth flying as a Sci Captain?

Is it viable in PvP? How survivable is it?

What Sci powers do you find most effective?

What kind of weapons and console layouts do you think works best?

I have a Fed Sci captain, and when I used to play him, he flew the Fed Recon Sci ship, although he also flew the DSSV for a understanding is that the Varanus is similar to a DSSV in a lot of ways.

I have seen some effective Sci Federation players -- for some reason I always had trouble being effective with my Fed sci character -- I figured I would give it another try on the KDF side (I also have an engineer and a tac on the KDF side, but that is a different issue).

I don't plan to specifically be a healboat...although Sci makes a great ground healer, I think that the Engineer actually is superior in that role. I was looking more at being more of an offensive fleet support in that I could use the offensive sci abilities to stun, lock down, and otherwise create havoc for my team members to exploit....all while staying alive and throwing out the occasional heal.

I am currently in a Vo'Quv...and to be honest, I do like it. I know that the Varanus is going to be a big change...I am just looking for some thoughts regarding it to see if I can make it work...
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# 2
12-09-2010, 11:56 AM
I tried it on Tribble, it was actually the thing that finally made me check out the server. While you're not going to get much hard PvP testing done, you can at least take it for a spin.

Personally, I liked it and even got it on Holodeck, but went back to a BoP because SNB when you need it is my priority, so I value the turn rate.

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