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# 1 Crafting 3.0
12-09-2010, 12:02 PM
Being one of those crazy players that capped crafting in the 1.0 system {and due to continued crafting converted to the 2.0 system fully capped}...I would like to thank the Devs for crafting 3.0. This is by far the direction I always hoped for...a system that is converging on granting players yet another option to attain gear. More options is always nice.

I would like to know when, and if, we will ever see antiproton consoles in both the crafting system and/or the emblem store? I would also like to know why {non-technical console names used for clarity**}:

Mk X rare beam consoles {+21} [from loot] < Mk X uncommon beam consoles {+22} [loot/NPC vendor]

Mk X rare beam consoles {+21} [from loot] < Mk IX rare beam console {+22} [loot]

Mk X uncommon tricobalt console {+22} [from loot] = Mk XI uncommon tricobalt console {+22} [from loot/craftable]

There are other oddities, but no need to list them all. Obviously there is no rule saying this has to make sense, but it sure would be nice if a blue Mk X was indeed more of a boost than a blue Mk IX of the same type...and so on.

Anyways...thanks again Devs I am very happy to see crafting 3.0.

**Directed Energy Distribution Manifold = "Beam Console" & TCD Subspace Infuser = "Tricobalt Console"

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