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# 1 Season 3 Feedback
12-09-2010, 02:21 PM
Sector: Okay.

STFs: Need redone. The original version was much funner.

New Deferi Mission: It's very bad. Full of Bugs still.

New Mission Contact: The new one is a runaround where you have to "Hail" to get to the mission page, where you have to find the mission, "Hail" the person, then initiate the mission. Was far easier the old way by finding the person and finding the mission.

On top of it, if you are in cooldown you can't talk to the person. And if you completed the mission those green check marks are hard to notice.

So hope this gets reconned.

New PvP Chat: Unnessary. Worse that you can only turn it off, not leave the chat room.

Cloaking Button: With Graphics bugs, its hard to tell if you are even cloaked or not.

Klingon Crafting: It needs to be moved to the SE corner than in the middle of the Great Hall.

Klingon Missions: I am very displeased regarding these new Klingon missions. I just spent 1 hour in Pi Canis doing these missions and only ended up with 1 emblem. In which doing the Eta / Deferi Run would've resulted in at least 7 Emblems.

With Eriksonn, you can't loot while being fired at by the 4 Patrol ships, and given the low DPS of Battlecruisers compared to Escorts, by the time you finish them off, the nearest Freighters are already warping out. Even with Warp Plasma there is not enough time.

With the Transport missions, it's too easy to fail a mission if you blow up more than 1 transport, even after properly looting.

And because of the new Mission Contact list, if you drop the mission, you cannot reinitialize them. So its time wasted.

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