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Several tweaks I'd like to see:

1. The big planet description boxes right in the center of the screen are annoying. Now, I can hit F12, then move the contact box, but I like the small little "interact with this" box in the center of the screen. So I'd like to see one of the following:
A. The ability to set the box to be minimal in size, no picture of the planet, no description, just nice and small like it was.
B. It considered something other than the interact box, so I can shove that big box off to a less annoying place, while leaving the small interaction box right in the center of the screen where it grabs my attention.

Either way, I'm happy, though I prefer B, as the picture of the planet and the system info is kind of nice.

2. A couple of improvements could be made to the journal screen.
A. Completed missions should be at the top of the list for the in progress tab, shown before any non-completed missions. Rather annoying to have to search down a list of PvP and repeatable missions to find that one completed one, something like "turret killer" buried in deep.
B. Double clicking a completed mission should hail the KDF/Starfleet.

3. Distance to X info in sector space - With Astrometrics turned off, I'd like this shown the entire time, not go away once I get close to a system. With it on, I'd like it as well, actually.

4. Make the astrometrics button go away. Enabling or Disabling astrometrics should be either in options or else in the additional options (the down triangle) next to the map. It should not always be on the screen. Part of why I turn off astrometrics is to give space a more space like feeling. That button there...that detracts from that. And since there isn't a reason to want to turn it on and off all the time, it shouldn't be there.

And a suggestion:
The Slipstream drive currently goes in the powers bar. When you are max level, especially in a science ship, those spots are at a premium. Sure, you can put it on a different tab and go to that tab in sector space, but why bother when there's a better way to handle it. It really should just enable the full impulse button in sector space, rather than being a regular hotkey.

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