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# 1 mission "helpers"
12-10-2010, 03:59 AM
had a thought, atm I am playing a (very annoying) mission in the B'tran cluster, where you have to tag medical supplies for transport, after defeating all the Phoniton (or whatever) enemies. I have studied the map in great detail, and I know technically where the last crate should be, but I cant fint it I am well within the "mission circle", I am "following the path"...

so I had a thought, for the above situation, maybe as a "mission helper", the game can detect if you are taking forever to find something (or u have defeated all the enemies, at the proper "spots" and still cant find ur objective) and can script ur AI BO's to say something when ur near whatever u need to find (but u cant see it), like "sir, I am picking up, what I think could be the object, close by"

or maybe a little help button, that gives u hints..., kinda like the "scan for anomoly" button....

just my 2 cents

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