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12-10-2010, 09:45 PM
With Torpedoes, I would like the ability to have a varied yield setting where each has different effects. Such as lower yields ends up having faster cooldowns, while higher have longer. Or an illumination setting to help find cloaked ships.

Second, Torpedos themselves need rework where torpedoes have more characteristics.

Quantums having a larger warhead than just 10%.

Plasma Torpedoes having a stronger DoT, but not as potent as the Undine Plasma Torpedo (that Dot is powerful).

Chroniton Torpedos having a 10% Shield Bypass ability (as it did on Voyager) without the slow effect (really the slow effect is useless outside of mine spam).

Transphasics having a 40% Shield Bypass ability with it's current weak warhead or a stronger warhead with it's current 20% bleedthough so its more viable.

Perhaps creating the Graviton Torpedos which could result in a weak Gravitational Rift (which a small radius).

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