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Okay, my drawing skills suck. But here is my ship I submitted:
Excellence Class

What I have in mind is just as the Sovereign is the modern retelling of the Constitution Class; the Excellence Class is the modern retelling of the Excelsior Class. And while my drawing abilities are poor, I hope I have portrayed that feeling.

The Excellence Class is 737 meters long and it has 30 decks. So it will sit taller than the Sovereign and is longer than the Sovereign. It steps back a little from the sleek designs (there is no air in space, why worry with aerodynamics?) and goes to a more traditional design. The saucer actually sits on a neck and can separate in the event of an emergency. It has four torpedo tubes fore (two sets of two), and two aft. It also has ablative armor.

It's mostly a troop carrier/destroyer. The saucer section is used for crew quarters only. The engineering section houses the warp core, sick bay, science labs, and 4 large volume (think gymnasium-sized and larger) holodecks used for combat training as well as the main shuttle bay at the rear of the ship in the forward-facing design shared by the Excelsior. Forward torpedo tubes are in the neck; rear tubes at the base of the saucer (this allows for quicker reload and shared inventory as all of the tubes are next to each other).

What do you think?

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