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Can we get the standard ship rooms in UGC? that way we can send the player to talk to there own BO's around there own ship. also if the ship locations have built in working chairs we could set it up so a player has to interact with there own BO's siting in that seat/station, that way bridge interaction can work as in the TV.
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12-11-2010, 09:16 AM
There's no way of sending the player to his own ship interior. There are ship bridges and ship interiors as custom maps you can use, but since everyone can choose their own bridge, your mission's custom bridge won't match what they've chosen as their own.
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12-12-2010, 06:54 AM
(There's no way of sending the player to his own ship interior) That is true,

But a guess can be made that most players use a galaxy class bridge as that is the type that thay will recognise the most, so the galaxy class bridge can be used to represent a standard players bridge,

At the moment we can get players to interact with there own BO's, but we cannot get those BO's or any other NPC's to be sitting down in a chair or work a console at the same time, So the best we can do is have them standing around a bridge, Many missions will be telling a story and will be ruewined by this problem until it is fixed.

I have been harshly revueing missions made on Tribble and I have seen this problem come up a number of times,

I also sugest that when this is fixed that an NPC be made able to leave there seat to fight off bad guys and then return to there seats when done.

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