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# 1 Looking for a fleet
12-12-2010, 07:50 PM
Hello, I'm NX01class. More known as NXwolf online now-a-days.

I'm looking to join an active fleet. I ask that if you wish to recruit me into your fleet, that your fleet have the following:
1. An active website.
2. An active teamspeak server. I will NOT join a fleet that does not use teamspeak 3. I want to be able to talk to my fellow team mates, not type to them in the middle of battle.
3. Atleast 10 "ACITVE" member's in the fleet already. This is so I can tell your serious about playing the game. I'm all for playing fun and can play serious, but I want a fleet that when I have a chance to get online, that most of the time I'll be able to find someone that would like to play with me. It's incredibly boring to play the game alone.
4. The fleet must be mature. I don't like cussing, nor do I like people attacking other's because they are new. Respect is my highest held principle.

If you meet the above, then please read on. If you don't, then don't bother sending me a PM as I won't join.

Now, onto myself again. I've been playing STO since it was released, but stopped playing it for some time as other games and commitments got in my way of being able to play, so my stat's aren't very high. Currently, I have a VA Sci, and Lt Cmd. Eng. I do not have a tactical character yet and have no klingon characters.

I live in the USA east coast. This is just so you know, but I really don't care where a team's base location is. What matter's to me is who I can become friends with. If that means staying up late at times when I can to paly with them, so be it. Just because your EST based won't mean you have an advantaged over a PST based fleet.

If I seem like the right person for your fleet or if you have any question's for me, please send me a PM or an email to @NX01class on STO with a title of "Fleet Recruitment". If this sounds stupid, well it is, but if you can't read this message and do a simple task, how can I expect you to be serious?

Thanks and I look forward to joining a fleet,

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