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12-12-2010, 09:56 PM
The transport mission is incredibly difficult in a carrier...and I am not talking about the optional portion -- that is flat out impossible...just completing the mission for me is the problem!

Here it is in a nutshell -- in a carrier, our dps depends on our fighter and BoP wings. Once those launch, you lose all control over what they do other than the fact that they will tend to target your guess what happens to those freighters?

Yep. They tend to go down pretty fast once their shields are gone. Automatic fail.

What tends to happen to me is that I end up destroying too many freighters too fast -- I will disable one..and can't loot it because of the spawns impacting my I switch targets, disable that one...meantime the original disable freighter has its engines up and runningg...but no hull. Take down the shield again and boom!


Well., there has to be a way to get this done. I have ceased even trying for the optional element in this one with a carrier...I will be happy with just a normal completion to start with, and then try to figure something out for the optional aspect.

I also like a challenge...but unless we are given more control over our pets, and they go balls to the wall on the freighters we target, then either you attempt to do it without fighters - probably not doable in a carrier because you likely will not have the dps to take down the shields and disable fast enough, or you end up switching out to a BoP or maybe a Vorcha for just that one mission.

I have not tried it in a Varanus....maybe it is doable in one of those, but I also sort of doubt it, due to the lack of weapons, and that it tends to take longer to get things done offensively in a Varanus.

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