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# 1 Odd and small request
12-13-2010, 03:26 AM
Well I really hope a Dev takes a look at this but...either way

This sounds really small and trivial(even to myself) but is there anyway you (cryptic) might take a look at making more then just two types of "liberated borg" playable species?
And any chance you all could take a look into maybe giving us more customization options for Borg BO and "liberated borg" visual appearances?

Its been one of the things I've loved about this game, having so many different looks and customized toons running around. This seems to be one of cryptic's strengths and has definitely gone a long way to making the game and the avatars in game not feel like an army of clones like so many other games end up (visually) being.

Either way...hope a Dev takes a quick look at this...Thanks!!

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