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After one day of checking out the player versus player improvements, I can confidently say that I am sick of people with ice rifles.

1. When do we ever see that in Star Trek? Since when is there a race of Mr. Freezes? This alone isn't a big deal. A lot of things in game aren't things we'd see in the show and I'm fine with that--design it for the fun of a game, not a TV show.

2. However, the reason I hardly ever play in player versus player content is solely the fault of the HELD effect. It happens too often. It's arbitrary, random, and unfair. I can appreciate the nature of it to turn the tables but honestly, it's just frustrating. It makes me not want to play against other avatars. Now we have a gun that is designed specifically to freeze you up? As if we need more of that.

It's enough to test people's own abilities and weaknesses. We don't need to cheapen it with some random weapons made specifically to make your character freeze and annoy you while people shoot you and you can't do anything about it.

Honestly, I love this game. It's a great game. Big fan of Trek and hope to see more good work. Excellent job on the part of the Cryptic Staff. But the ice and held stuff... not so much.

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