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# 1 [-A-] Collective
12-14-2010, 10:22 AM
Welcome (back) to the Collective.

We are a Borg created fleet within Star Fleet and the Klingon Empire. We have recently open assimilation, er, recruitment to all players. If you are interested, please contact any member in-game or

We have several resources for all players:
- Ventrilo for voice
- Our own web site on our own servers with our own domain
- -
- A FaceBook group: STO Collective
- Twitter: STO Collective
- Videos on YouTube at
- We use Pidgin to communicate with in-game players when out-of-game
- We are a member of HQ - an interfleet co-operative at

We coordinate with several other identities to include (but not limited to):
- Mon-Thu 6:30PM (GMT) Gaming News broadcast at
- Fifth Fleet: Role playing group at
- STO Radio: Announcements suggestions (air and web site) for in-game activities at
- Falor Thint: Musical scores at
- House of Korax: Klingon advesaries at

We have several scheduled functions (again, not limited to):
- Tuesday: PvP rehearsal
- Wednesday: PvP engagement
- Sunday: Fleet meetings

We have a few very large out-of-game projects that will be announced as they are finalized and/or successful. You will know who COLLECTIVE* is shortly! Look for "Collective," "Collective fleet," "STO Collective," and "Darqun Sturminyt."
- We have our own fleet theme as used on for the Gaming News (6:30PM GMT [Mon-Thu])

Typically, there are a few players in our chat channel at most times. We have members from around the world and all are to be assimilated, er, welcome to join.

*Collective is a fleet within Star Fleet in the Star Trek Online MMO game, not to be confused with "The Collective," "We Are Borg," or other Borg based fleets.

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