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Dear Cryptic Studio,

the translation of STO, for french and german, had been removed and on hold since past summer now and there is no news about this critical issue.

You maybe don't know it but in France for example the reason number one why people have a bad image of STO is the lack of french version and the poor quality of those translations.

To this lack there is several way to solve it. And one way should appeal your attention: the fan community effort to translate part of the game. Instead of having those effort spread all around the internet wouldn't it be wiser to have a centre point to collect those translation. Like for example an official STO translation wiki.
I don't want to lack respect to any of the member of cryptic translation team and i'm sorry if i'm too bold with this request. We need you people doing translation in Cryptic Studio and we care about your work alot!!

But I think this could enhance the overall quality of the translation and allow mean while it's installed in the game for the players that NEED those documents to play STO in their every day life.

setting up a wiki to collect translations works from fan communites can take a matter of hour for any computing student. Setting up a wiki isn't the hardest thing in the wolrd. If it's an official collecting point then people writers and readers will be able to locate easyly the information they need or discover new informations.

This can lead to global enhancement of the comprehension for the most players to the STO background story and in the era of The Foundry better understanding the plots involved can only lead to a better quality of missions made by fans.

And ultimatly this can be a point where fans could bring Fans missions translations.

I don't want to minimise the task and effort of Cryptic in translation matter. I am the author of the full translation to french of the breens and devidians features episodes series so I know exactly what this work means. I want to propose a complement a collective effort to show you as much we a small community of a foreign country appreciate this game.

Thank you for reading I hope this idea will lead to an official Wiki to collect translations for parts of STO.

If you are an STO player in need of such an tool please comment this message and showing your support to this idea. If you are a hater please have the courtesy to keep your hate comments on this matter for yourself and your friends.

Ofcourse no reward is claimed ... My only motivation can appear naive but it's just offering the best possible STO experience to STO players.... in a pure volunteer effort and not in ten years...

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