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Originally Posted by Cosmic_One View Post
1: Tactical VA in a Fleet Escort.

2: No. I don't believe there is any skill that helps with that. In B'tran Sector space they're very easy to find. If I'm in a mission I simply hit the V key to scan for them. Most space missions will have 3-4 anomalies. Ground missions will have 2 in space getting to the planet and 1-3 on the ground you can find. Playing the mini-game will give you anywhere from 3-5 drops per anomaly: only 1 if you blow the min-game, though. So in most missions you're getting 10-20 drops - and always a chance to get the rares with each attempt.

3: I'm just using the standard SF issue.

4: Fleet Escort because it turns quickly.

The Aegis set is a new MK X craftable set coming out in a week or two. You can see what it does, and see some pics of it in action, in THIS thread.
Hey Cosmic, I really appreciate the info and the low down on that Aegis set looks very cool, especially on a small maneuverable ship like yours. Thanks again friend!
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12-17-2010, 10:46 AM
Originally Posted by tigermorph
Hey and while I am on the subject, well not really exactly on the same subject. . .
I think that if they offer low level Nebula Exploration missions, that the stuff you can turn in the Level 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 exploration point items at the Ship Yard should NOT be bound to our high lvl Vice Admirals, but at the very least we should be able to give those green items to our other chars. . . Since they are ALL green now.
Consoles are bind on equip, so you can send them downstream to lower characters, fleet bank, or put them on the Exchange.

Ideally there should be some unification, if not across all the different merchants, at least among the different tiers. Currently there are just too many forms of currency, and too few ways to interchange them. Energy credits, GPL, 5 tiers of exploration, 5 tiers of PvP, 3 different marks, plus emblems and I may even be missing a few, that is 16 different forms of currency and the only conversion processes we have are a one way emblem to marks, and gambling to convert EC to GPL. The exploration shop should use 1 form of currency. The exploration missions band to your level anyway, so you can't game the system by running Lt. level missions with your VA to get easy badges.

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