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There is just too many problems with these Ground Fleet Actions that have gone long overlooked.

1) LAG!

Currently playing in the Ice Mine and the lag is worst I ever seen it in STO, its barely playable. Even one time doing Big Dig with over 20 people, and the instance crashed.

2) Very Fast Respawn times

The respawn rate is so fast that you barely move before they respawn. So unless you are in a very large group, you aren't going anywhere.

3) Very Difficult Locations for players doing Dailies.

Are you seriously expecting players solo to go fight dozens of mobs with fast respawns to reach these places? Especially in Ice Mine?

4) Klingon-side Low Populations

Lower Populations = Longer to do Fleet Actions. So I suggest that Cryptic finds a way to improve the ability where the mobs spawn accordingly to player populations in that instance.

For instance, Big Dig can literally take at least 3 hours with a population of 20 people in the zone.

So until then, I don't blame people for being very frustrated.
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# 2
08-13-2010, 01:42 AM
1) I've not noticed any lag on my end
2) Yep, this one is a pain
3) You aren't meant to solo fleet actions but yep, once again ouch on the super fast respawn timers and the super idiotic run speeds of some of the mobs
4) Meh
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# 3
08-13-2010, 02:42 AM
Yeah there is lag. Horrible lag. The worst lag I have experienced in any game going back to running Doom on a 2400 baud modem. This is what happens...

1) Press forward
2) Server Stopped Respond 1sec
12)13 sec
13)Move one step forward
14)Type in zone chat "Omg I moved")
15)Wait 2 minutes to see it post
16)Wait another too minutes to read the following reply "Lucky..."
17)Then another 2 minutes to read comment in the zone chat "Thats it. Im canceling my subscription. More money for me I guess."
18)Inch my way to a death fall.
19)2 minutes later Im respawned and hit beam up as soon as I can. Lag gone.
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# 4
12-17-2010, 10:31 AM
Totally agree on the spawn rates, it's a freakin joke. Even with a full team it's wipe city. Adjust the spawn rates, Cryptic, for god's sake! These battles are meant to be fun, are they not? There's nothing fun about wipesville.

Another thing, player respawn places are different for members of the same team (I'm guessing you just go to whichever one is closest when you die), resulting in people being cut off and unable to reach their teammates because of the enemy respawn rate, which results in death trying, and respawn at the same respawn point again, cut off and unable to reach teammates.

Yeah, SERIOUS problems.
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# 5
12-17-2010, 06:29 PM
Despite Fleet action intending to be group missions, I think the respawn rates should be disabled when only one person is in the instance. I believe that If a person is willing to spend 7 or 8 hours on a fleet action, they shouuld have a sporting chance to actually complete it. It may seem counter intuative, but if players have a remote chance of completing the mission, then more people will join in the fleet action since there is an incentive to attempt the mission, even solo. With story line PVE missions, the game automatically adds other players to the mission, despite the fact that I want to play them solo. If this is common for PVE, then making the fleet actions more like PVE story line missions will have the same effect.

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