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Ok, I decided to test a number of Bridge maps to see why my NPC's were not functioning correctly

I tested 4 different maps


each had one contact to advance to the next bridge < they all worked fine
1 friendly NPC group set not to wander but to sit at stations and type
1 friendly NPC group to wander, do animations and idle

All 4 worked well in foundry test play map


Here are the results

.................................................. ..........

Defiant -

All actors appreared in thier correct respected places --- Good
No animations functioning at all ---- Bad
Did not set wander, needed to see if the wander actors start in correct spot -- they did

Emissary -

Most actors in the correct place ---- ok
Wander works ------- good
No animations ---- Bad

Galaxy -

No actors in the correct place ---- bad
Wander works ---- good
No animations ----- bad

Generic -

No actors in correct place ---- bad
Some actors that should not move wandering --- Bad
no animations ---- Bad

Given the results ---------- All Bridges are most likely broken

Am not sure if other ground maps are effected

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