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Episode 1 Enter the Orion Syndicate version 5

I was working on updating my story to version 5 when I had a map closed or map crash error. I do not know what that is about. But when it comes back up later, I will upload version 5.

What is in version 5?
  • Fixed some grammar issues
  • Fixed some story continuity issue to comply more with Star Trek Canon
  • Added information on how to read stardates at the end of the episode
  • Moved the narrator at the end of the briefing room scene to come after the episode ends
  • Removed a comment about using sensors and maps from the Earth scene

It seems grammar issues never end, however, I have gone through and fixed the ones I noticed.

I changed out references for Cestus III to align with the new planet name of Ter'jas Mor.

The biggest update was that I moved the narrator dialog in the briefing room to come at the end of the story instead of the middle. I think this will help with a better immersion feel.

Thank you to all the folks who helped with the feedback and review.

Episode 2 : Train Ride to Leisure Town version 4

This episode had the bigger update to it. As I have had more time to work on this episode, I was able to complete the story more.
  • Added the safe house to the beginning of the story
  • Added a new intro scene to the story that explains what the people on the ship is doing while the landing party is on the ground.
  • Added a new cut scene to the transition into the interior of the train station
  • Built a new interior for the train
  • Changed the fight scene at the end to make it a little easier
  • Fixed some grammar issues

Because most of the background and introduction was done in the first episode, I was free to have more action in this story. Because it is the center story in the first Act, it does not have a beginning or ending. It only develops the main plot and center conflict in the story. This leads to the third story The Bookie.

Now that the story is developed more, I removed some of the narrator comments from the beginning of each story. I wrote some new descriptions on both episodes to give players a better sense that these are role playing stories and not the typical run in and kill five target missions.

Thank you to everyone who has review the stories and sent in feedback.
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# 2 Added more content to...
12-18-2010, 06:33 AM
I added more content to the Escape from Verex III episode.

I finally got around to adding the ending elements to this episode. This episode is intended to be much later in the serial. This one is more ground combat oriented and long.

I hope people enjoy it.

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