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Hey guys,

I'm not sure I should post this here, so if it's wrong, please moderator place it somewhere else

Season3, i must say, good! The replay of the missions is excellent. I loved replaying missions like the guardian of forever, the doomsday device,... People that are able to make missions now, etc. It was actually something, that should have been placed in season 1 but oke, we have it, so i like it.

The new "hud"/astrometrics off/on when you are flying is great too, it makes space so much bigger. Also with those warp streaks, great!

Now, some things that perhaps could be added?

Players can buy weapons, science stuff etc in the exchange, why not add some kind of used starships shipyard? I mean, yesterday, i saw a guy flying an excelsior. I was thinking, damn that ship looks good! But i noticed in the shipyard section, it costed more than i had.. So, why not a used starship shipyard, where you can buy secondhanded starships for a low cost? For example, a new excelsior cost pff euh 137000, a used one depending on it's age in the game, 40-60000? if not less?
It would look something like gran turismo, i know but give it a nice touch! Let's say, make a system in the regulus block, where you enter it, and you see destroyed, heavily damaged starships floating, and in the middle of all the dead starships, a huge starbase is located, with a ferengi commanding it. At that location, you can buy used starships for a euh"small credit".

It would give the game a huge boost imo.

Escorts? Yeah, we need some more guys.. I would love to see the steamrunner and norway in the game..

Also, the entire thingie with tier 1/2/3... Sometimes i'm wondering, why not just skip all of that? It's limiting your ship capabilities.. Why not remove the tier thing, and just give a ship just a name? A miranda, great outfitted could be stronger than an excelsior with crappy weapons.. Look at the lakota, she kicked the defiant quit hard(oke lakota would have been lost, if worf used quantums) but still.. Everyone is using tier 5+ vessels, i see non stop sovereign class vessels flying around.. Damn, if this system was used in the dominion wars, weyoun would say: "ooh my, that are a lot of galaxy class vessels..."

Just remove it, let the player make its ship strong.. I would love to see, a guy flying with an excelsior being more powerful than just a guy in the average sovereign vessel.. It gives also a great mix in the ships we see.. We see lots of more different kind of vessels..


Organise some battle events.. Like the one we had at the end of the beta, were the borg start attacking everything.. I remember with the beta, that everyone was saying: "the fleet will attack at memory alpha".. Forty vessels(players like you and me) were sitting in a fleet formation and waiting for the enemy.. I mean, it was a great moment, people were talking against each other, it was almost like sacrifice of angels! Organise something like that every moment or every two weeks..

Example: dominion vs fed event!

location: earth spacedock!

Give a universal time.., so everyone can go to earth spacedock, form a fleet etc.. It would be great to see all the fed players forming a massive fleet, and to receive a message that the dominion fleet'30+vessels) has arrived (with true way cardies), and voila you have a cool battle where everyone is working/fighting together! It boost morale guys.

These were my idea's to boost the game.. please comment, i hope the creators see this post!

greetz !
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12-12-2010, 12:48 PM
oke, wrong feedback section i guess.
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12-16-2010, 02:12 AM
It should have gone into the general feedback. I'm not a fan of the whole used ship yard thing. Working for the ship is part of what slows you down and forces you to stay in whatever you have until you master it. You don't want to be flying everything at once until you've hit end game. I'm glad the whole episode replay is here.
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12-19-2010, 07:40 AM
d'ooh, i knew it. Can some mod place this in the general feedback section? THx!

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