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# 1 'Selling' your mission
12-19-2010, 08:02 AM
This question I hope has an easy answer, but I rather expect that won't be the case. I've been looking for some feedback for the missions that I have written, but so far they seem to be all but neglected with a little traffic on one and no traffic on the other that I can tell. That actually leads me to my question:

What best helps to 'sell' a mission to the playerbase, and thus gets you traffic. Is it a popularity contest that means only the 'best' known people will get traffic? Is it because I'm not in a fleet and can't go 'hey my mission is up, check it out? Is it because I have stayed away from missions with major amounts of combat? Does the episode description need to be changed? Could they simply need new names for the missions?. What quality draws you towards trying out a mission someone else has created.

I ask these questions now since the Foundry is in beta right now, we don't have a large influx of missions being created and uploaded right now. Once the system moves over to the Holodeck though, I expect things to become even 'worse' as the number of searchable missions increases geometrically. Conversely, my question might be a moot one because there will be a larger number of players willing to try out missions, but I have a feeling that most people will only bother with those missions that get the highest possible rankings.

Now for the 'advertising' if you will. The 2 missions I have published are Digging in the Past and Keeping up with the J'Sens. If you are so inclined take a look and tell me if you think you would play it, or if you choose to, what you think of it so that maybe I won't have to ask in the future what I need to do so people will play it

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