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12-19-2010, 11:25 AM
Hi guys. Came back to this game and very pleased to see all the changes. I do have some questions though.

I never realized the amazing power of the engines you get from "Past Imperfect"! This is a great find and I'm wondering if there are other items, things that the community (mostly) agrees is far superior to something else.

Also, wondering if the community at large agrees on an away team set up? I understand poloron weapons were prefered until season 3? Was that for space or ground?

My away team set up is 2 science (1 exploit, 1 healer), 1 security and 1 engineer. I often find myself wondering why I have each equipped with different weapons when the sniper rifle seems to be the fastest way to kill bad guys.

While I understand the game mechanics and such, I'm looking for advice, I suppose on certain traits and weapons that the community considers far and away better then the usual.

I don't want to see this devolve into what kind of character I'm playing with and style of play.

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