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12-21-2010, 12:09 AM
Originally Posted by Robotrik1 View Post
Bushman wrote :

While I do like to heal as often as I can , when I get 2 or more opponents on my tail , you can bet that I'm going to heal MYSELF .
that is why you fail. that is why you flying an escort failed, you are continuing the cycle. There is no I in team and if you are going in to play as a team to WIN then stop being a heal hog and give your team support... you would never make it in premade PvP with that attitude... teams of you are the most fun to pop.

But I'd also like to point out that it's not an intitlement of escorts to be healed , and while I don't like it when there are PUGs where ppl don't often heal , I can understand that some players who don't sit in escorts also want to pew-pew a little instead of always watching the escorts fragile tail ... , because belive it or not , that isn't always fun .
and I will point out your previous comment of escorts have less heals to keep them alive... so with that statement said... you pretty much said that escorts ARE entitled to heals because they cant heal themselves and if you want to WIN A MATCH then you will need to heal them... lol so by default they are entitled to heals.

I also blame the lack of a Battle Cloack on the T5 Defiant .

L O L now I know why you went pop... Defiant doesn't need to have a battle cloak... its already the best escort in the game.

From your POV , Getting Healed + DPS = win .
From mine , its Healing + Being abe to Survive on your own = win .

And again you are wrong... You can heal the **** out of each other but if you don't have the damage to kill your enemy you are not gonna win. sowwwwwwy

But I also dislike the EXPECTATION to always heal .

Then dont fly a cruiser... (which happens to be the heals in the game o.O

Because you know what ? I'll take a PUG of Sci / Engineers and clean the clock of your team of Escorts any day of the week .

obviously you have difficulty reading... When did I say that a full team of escorts was wise? I said escorts have their purpose... points to the name of the thread. But with your mentality... a team of escorts could easily rip through your build.... mmmmm fried cruiser guts... yummmm i would be willing to set this up just to smile and prove my point. with the I worry about myself mentality you are toast.
That's the difference between being able to stand and always needing a walker to keep you steady .
lol when a full team of escorts gets through with you... you will need much more than a walker my friend.
Escorts are king of damage and way too underestimated! Let me know if you do want to have this escort vs cruiser mumbo jumbo.

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