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# 1 Black Swan ≠ Perfect Blue?
12-21-2010, 06:31 PM
Ok, does anyone else see any overt comparisons between Perfect Blue and that new movie with Natalie Portman called Black Swan?

This COULD be a great opportunity for some Americans to get interested in some of the greatest works of anime, from the late Satoshi Kon, but instead it seems that the similarities are being ignored and even scorned, with writer directer Darren Aronofsky refusing to cite Perfect Blue as a source of inspiration. I find this hard to believe seeing as how both Satoshi Kon and Darren Aronofsky met when Aronofsky got the rights to use the bath tub scene from Perfect Blue in his movie Requiem for a Dream.

I can't help but feel that if Kon were still with us he might at least make some noise about the similarities but instead no one seems to be saying anything about it.

Much of the criticism Perfect Blue got was from the standard issue "anime sucks" arsenal (ie character personalities, sex and gore and the very fact it was a cartoon) but for the most part it was well received. All the same, it was quickly swept under the carpet as a quaint distraction that shouldn't be taken too seriously or given much credit. After all, it's just anime. If Black Swan does well, and if it is, in fact, as close to Perfect Blue as I've heard it is, it will be another example of how superficial American movie goers are.

Anime isn't an entire separate art form, it's not some medium that's separate from "normal" TV and movie releases, yet one bad anime is proof enough for most Americans to write off all anime from any genre as being bad.

I want to urge anyone who sees Black Swan and likes it to get their hands on Perfect Blue and compare the who. In fact, if you don't like Black Swan you should also watch Perfect Blue, because maybe you'll realize that you don't like Perfect Blue because you don't like dark stories like that, and the fact that it's an anime has nothing to do with it.

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