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My fleet keeps having same issue of, having one of the sheild generator sheilds not dropping or coming back up immediately after successfully uploading virus. The progress bar keeps going but sheild is up.

We have team leaders with lots of experience to run us through the STFs and used to average a little over an hour for Infected. The bugged generators issue has been getting more frequent over the past couple of months. We have a list of things not to carry or equip in the mission that we suspect are causing the bug but still having the problem. We are always on teamspeak. The first timers get a detailed briefing and we all get an equpitment check and in-mission reminders.

I've read about the metheods to reset the instance / objectives but its not working. We are unable to complete this mission 3 out of 4 tries. We can deal with faster, stronger npcs etc, but this seems to be a broken game mechanic. We're have a similar problem with the nodes in The Cure.

Some of our STF leaders have been playing since closed beta and are lifetime subscribers. We count on their guidance heavily but they're now convinced that the STFs are alll broken as opposed to just being harder. Many have quit playing STO because of it.

If there are work-arounds I'm not aware of I'd appreciate it. What I and countless others would really appreciate is to fix the missions and not need any hack work-arounds. I can't believe that these missions are "working as intended".

I've seen fleet participation drop off considerably in the past few months. Most have remarked that they don't want new cosmetic items when there are so many game-breaking bugs that have gone un-repaired for many months.

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