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12-23-2010, 12:01 PM
Originally Posted by specter22
Its not in line when the Excelsior is 1200 points and this ship is 2000.
its also not inline with what was promised to not be used to sell gamechanging items in the Cstore when people screamed and kicked that they didnt want to see a cstore.

i was just talking to a few fleetmates today about how the Excel changes gameplay because it gives you the ability to travel all over in shorter amounts of time to complete missions and to gather samples. which gives an Excel Captain an advantage over other sample gathers when it comes to spec their ships and characters.

now i cant call cryptic on wether or not they could of forseen that being a downside to the Excels abilities or not. but what i can say is, anything that is gamechanging and cant be purchased thru ingame currency is unfair to the playerbase and cryptic is either okay with that and only paying us lipservice or they are purposely ignoring the truth.

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