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# 21 this thread again.
12-24-2010, 12:06 PM
First the only thing I would Slightly agree with this guy is the Gal X is in the C store. I got one...HOWEVER you can get it via other people subscribing the game cause you invited them.

This isnt as bad as before, because the Defiant refit can cloak, so its not the only ship the feds can get that cloaks.

If you dont like the C store, dont use it. I think its adding a lot of fun stuff yo my game, stuff ya dont need to play, but makes it fun. I would just like to get more use out of the enterprise with the grappler hooks...

I take it all back! the klings are getting a new ship that totally ****es me off...its setting a BAD president for more pay money for the uber ships...I can see in 6 months Cryptic canceling its life time sub members and having everyone pay...maybe throw some flashy items at the old life time subscribers to hush them up...this is a sad day.

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