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# 1 Escorts shafted
12-25-2010, 06:20 PM
I came into the game thinking that escorts, cruisers, science vessels would reflect the capabilities of their series counterparts. Come to find out that this is by no means the case. let me show you.

Science vessel in series: basic armament, basic armor, combat wise the weakest things in the whole fleet.
Science vessel in STO: So many heals and anomalies that you can't even get their shields down.

Cruiser Series: 12 phaser banks 2 or more torpedo launchers, high armor near max firepower. Very capable in nearly any fight.
Cruiser STO: ok you nailed the cruiser. 8 slots instead of the 14+ they should really have but balance wise very good.

Escort Series: Intrepid sized ship with more firepower than a sovereign. 18 or more phaser banks. 5 torpedo launchers. Fastest ships in the fleet. Better than average armor. Top of the line shields. Prometheus took out a Romulan cruiser in 1 or 2 shots completely destroying it in less than a couple of seconds.
Escort STO: Fewer Slots, slower, far weaker. How could the Prometheus take down a Romulan battle cruiser but I can't take out a cruiser's shields before I get destroyed? I can't even touch a science vessels shields much less their hull.

The Escort not only got shafted in that respect but also got shafted in the fact that while science and cruiser both have 2 refits to choose from escorts get shoved into the defiant rip off.
If you look at the chart escorts are missing 2 ships from their tree. Where is the advanced heavy escort?
Or the Advanced Escort Refit? Where is my Multi vector assault mode? The Defiant class bites for one main reason when you decloak yeah you get a little bonus defense to make up for the fact that you have no shields. you shields have to recharge from 0 that takes 20 seconds, your defense doesn't last that long. you come out of cloak your a sitting duck waiting for the shotgun.

Thanks STO you took some of the most advanced and tide turning ships in the series the weakest and most useless ships in the game then short changed us on the number of ships to choose from on top of it.

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