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# 1 Returning Klingon..
12-26-2010, 07:36 PM
OK, so I tried the game at launch, and well...yea. So I was goin through my DVD's yesterday and came across this game...decided to reinstall and give aneother shot.

When I left I had a BOP , char, but instead of picking up again, gonna start brand new. First off, I was looking over "builds" in some forums and saw this:


Fore: 2x DHC, 1 DC, 1 DBB
Aft: 1 Turret, 1 Tricobalt Mine


Cmdr: Science: PH1, TSSII, PSW 1, CPB3 or Scramble 3
Lt. Cmd: Tac: BO1, CRF1, Beta 2
LT: Eng 1, EPTS2
LT: Tractor Beam 1 Hazard II

or Maybe

Cmdr: TT1, CRF1, BO3(if I can get one) or BTssX III, Beta 3
Lt. Cmd: PH1, TSS II, PSW 1
LT: Eng 1, EPTS2
LT: Tractor Beam 1, Hazard II or EPTS 1 and Aux2SIF/Aux2Damp 1 or BO1, CRF1


So all those abbreviations mean ??

I am planning on going back to a BoP, do we still need to pvp almost all of ouor leveling (I dont mind pvp but sometimes wanna just mindless kill crap pve....

Any other general advice ?

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