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# 1 Fleet Perks !
12-26-2010, 04:34 PM
Greetings Cryptic / Fellows of the community.

Just an idea and to get a break from flame and rant threads.

As some of you probably know, Blizzard came up with the idea to have Guild Perks.
Now it's quite beneficial to be in a guild and it got a whole new meaning.
I know perhaps taking WoW as an example here might be a bad idea, but...

A few years ago Blizzard added the achievement system to the game, a little later we could also see a similarity in STO, but
as accolades, all the same tho.
As it is now there is no real benefit to be in a fleet, even tho I'm a fleet leader myself, you can do most of the things alone, you can get help in general by asking someone, and there are mostly groups going STF
that need 1 or more players.

My point is, I think a similair system to the one Blizzard uses (Guild Perks) could give the fleets out there a whole new
meaning in STO.

Examples on perks could be things such as.
But same as WoW, the fleet needs to become a certain rank to get the perk unlocked.
  • Extended Slipstream Drive in Sector Space
  • A 2% skill point increase for each mission completed and handed in while leveling.
  • Shorter cooldown on Transwarp to ESD etc.
  • Immunity to Enemy Contacts in Sector Space, despite diplomacy rank.
  • Cheaper prices on consumables like, Hypo's, Enery Cells, Repair kits etc.
  • After used all re-trained tokens, the merit costs is decreased to half.

I think you'll get my point, there are lots of stuff to come up with.

The fleet becomes so much more then just a green chat and a community, suddenly it's beneficial and useful to be in a fleet.

Happy weekends.
Best Regards
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# 2
12-26-2010, 04:44 PM
Personally, i think its a bad idea.

I'm in fleets but...with this game where the main build is towards catering solo over group, I think it would be unfair to those who are just as justified playing solo as those that play with fleets.

Besides starfleet is a massive organisation with massive resources. Fleets don't get extra....each ship is at its best, sent for independent operations or with a task force.

No difference.

The advantage with fleets you already have, numbers, allies, assistance and experience.

That is your reward.
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# 3
12-27-2010, 03:48 PM
Sounds vaguely cultist to me.
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# 4
12-27-2010, 05:21 PM
I would love to see Fleets grow similar to how Cryptic built supergroups in City of Heroes.

- For missions completed on teams with other Fleet members you could earn Prestige Points for your Fleet. This FPP could be spent on a Fleet Base or perhaps Fleet Items in the future.

- To simplify necessary graphics and game database space, access to the Fleet Bases could be from a doorway in each of the Space Stations but like Superbase access in CoH was from portals in major cites. As you earn Fleet Prestige Points you could build items in your Base.
- Fleet Transwarp Transporters - Within the Fleet Bases could then be built Transwarps Transporters that let you transport to another space station similar to the Transwarp drives of Diplomacy but usable only by the Fleet members and it transports into the space station. If balance is an issue, perhaps only Captain or Admiral characters and above in a fleet could use the transporters.
- Fleet Trophy Room - Within the Fleet Bases you could have a trophy room for accolades earned by the Fleet.
- Fleet Bank Access
- Fleet Mail Access
- Fleet Repair/Heal Stations
- Fleet Crafting Stations

Fleets could have multiple ranking systems.
- Fleet Prestige Points
- Fleet PvP Wins
- Number of Vice Admirals
The fleet Ranking helps others determine if they want to join a Fleet and gives the Fleets something to compete with. Even in the military it is common for various division to be in competition with each other so I don't see why Starfleet would be against some friendly competition.

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