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12-27-2010, 03:59 PM
Originally Posted by Rokesmith View Post
I do think the GalX needs some tweaking as a Tier 5 ship, as mentioned a bit better turn-rate and reduced cd for the lance. I don't think it's damage should be improved however. It is still has about the highest damage potential of any weapon in the game.

I've hit NPC ships with ZERO shields and did less damage than if I got out and pounded on their hull
with a sledge hammer. I am running the numbers but my preliminary findings suggest several harsh words
spoken by my Klingon BOFF actually have a higher DPS but he had a cold last time so the numbers don't add up right now.

I use that spinal lance hardly ever.....and only if I remember, only if I'm not too lazy to press the key bind and only if I think it will do more than make a burn mark on his hull.
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12-27-2010, 05:52 PM
Biggest problem with the G-X is that it's a Jack-Of-All-Trades; Mast Of None (A True Hybrid). For every innate ability, it suffers a horrible weakness,

The Damage Potential is there with the option to mount DHC's but the horrible turnrate makes them only available in an opening attack.

It has Tanking Potential with it's high hull strength and Cmdr Eng and LtC Eng BO slots but even the G-R can fill that role so much better with the additional Ens Eng BO slot and 4th Aft Weps Slot.

So the ship sacrifices a 4th Aft Weps Slot and a 3rd Tac Console Slot for 2 unique but very situational abilities with questionable effect and sparse usage. What this really boils down to giving up 2 undeniably useful passives for 2 underwhelming gimmicks and it's exactly those gimmicks that compelled many people to dole out $25 for- Hook, Line and Sinker. (Myself included)

To be fair, I faced a Gurumba a few times in PvP since its release and found it to be every bit as laughable compared to a BoP as the G-X is to, well, just about any other Cruiser.
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12-27-2010, 10:38 PM
Originally Posted by Cosmic_One View Post
No game that has PvP is going to allow a one-shot weapon like that into play. The key word for all games with PvP is balance.
You wanna talk about one shot kill "I WIN" buttons, try this on for size.

A cloaked BOP that gets on a Fed ships side, BUFFs up, decloaks, tractors the Fed and fires
a salvo that appears as a single salvo destroys the Fed. Now if that Fed was an Escort, you might say ok. You might even say ok to a Cruiser but how about a Science ship, a Dreadnaught or a Starcruiser?

I've seen all three toasted by a BOP in this manor.

An "I WIN" button, please. You just don't want the Feds to have the same buttons you do.
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12-28-2010, 01:13 AM
I've had that same thing happen to me (minus the cloaking) in FvF, so it isn't just the BoP that can pull it off. (My main uses the Intrepid-R with full Mk XI purple and Aegis gear) Other times they try (both in FvF and FvK) and can't pull it off. (same players even) A lot of that is blowing all of your powers at once and getting lucky with critical hits. And those times they didn't pull it off? Let's just say I really enjoyed them.

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